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The Correspondence Program

The curriculum is identical to that of the Resident Program. Instead of coming into classes on a weekly basis, however, the lecture and demonstration materials are presented via video cassette. The use of the video allows the student to proceed through the course at his or her own convenience time-wise instead of attending class at a pre-set time and place. This flexibility also allows students not geographically close to Atlanta access to the curriculum. It likewise permits students to begin the program at any time and proceed through it at their own pace.


The course is delivered to the student on a class-by-class basis. Each class consists of a workbook and a video. To complete each class, the student watches the video taking notes in the workbook outline, as one would do if attending a class in person. Periodically during each class, both the workbook and the video will prompt the student to stop watching the video and perform a student task. The student tasks consist of working with the vocabulary, doing the homework associated with the vocabulary, taking the quizzes, taking the dictation and preparing a transcript of the dictation. The student sends back to the School the completed student materials: homework, quiz, transcript and, in some instances, his or her cassette dictation. The School grades the student's materials, critiques them and returns them to the student with the next class. They are discussed from the next class video prior to new materials being introduced. The student's progress is thereby monitored with each class.

There are 26 classes in the Home Study Correspondence Program, plus an orientation. Each class will take the student approximately 10 hours to complete. All quizzes, mid-term and final exams are completed without ever having to attend a class in person. If the student completes a class per week, the Home Study can be a six-month program. The student, however, can take a year or two to complete it. That decision is entirely dependent upon the student's time and financial constraints. Students proceed through the course truly at their own pace.

The Home Study Correspondence Program may be paid for on a class-by-class basis; that is, as a class is ordered, payment accompanies the order. As with the Resident Program, there is a discount for paying for the course in its entirety up front. The extended payment plan is also available for the Home Study Program. The same equipment and reference materials are provided in the Home Study as with the Resident Program. The Home Study Correspondence Program is offered from the Atlanta location only.