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Course Materials
Lesson Workbook and Videos

The Correspondence Course includes 26 lessons, which are presented on video cassette. The material on the video cassette has been integrated with a printed workbook. Standard cassette tapes are included with each class for practice dictation. The material presented is cumulative so that skills introduced in any class are incorporated into successive classes.

The Resident Course includes 24 classes with an experienced instructor. In between classes there are homework assignments and practice sessions at home.

Other Class Materials Include:
Vocabulary: Reporting Skills: Transcribing Skills:
Introduction of legal, medical and general business terminology Introduction, demonstration and practice of skills Introduction, demonstration and practice of skills
Homework Cassette Review Self-study and Evaluation
Practice Self-study and Evaluation Format
Homework Review Quiz Transcript Production
Quiz Review Quiz Review Transcript Review

A Typewriter or Computer
A TV and VCR
A Standard Cassette Player

Some Details and Course Objectives
Part 1 - "Using the Dictation Silencer"
Course Objectives:
Class 1
To Dictate Quietly with the Stenomask
Class 2
To Dictate Quietly Behind a Speaker
To Learn Single-Voice (Literary) Dictation
Class 3
To Build Speed while Dictating
To Learn Two-Voice (Q&A) Dictation

Part 2 - "Using the Reporting Equipment"
Course Objectives:
Class 1
To Become Familiar with the Operation of the Reporting Equipment - General Features
Class 2
To Become Familiar with the Operation of the Reporting Equipment - The Components of Making a Record
Class 3
Making a Good Record
  1. Making Sure You're on the Record
  2. Getting in the Clear
  3. Reading Back

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