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The Resident Program

The Program adopts a pragmatic and comprehensive approach to court reporter training. It teaches the student how to report accurately at fast speeds AND teaches the student about all phases of the court reporting profession such as handling exhibits, taking notes while reporting, the court structure in the United States, freelance reporter duties, official reporter duties and, of course, legal, medical, and business terminology.


The Resident Program is a six-month program. There are 24 classes plus an orientation. The classes meet for three hours one day per week. There are day or evening classes. The maximum class size is 10. Class time is devoted to the introduction of legal, business, and medical vocabulary items, the discussion of reporting techniques and concepts and practice in dictation and transcription techniques.

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All the equipment that one needs for the course and for the practice of court reporting once certified is provided with the course. Legal, business and medical dictionaries are provided. There are several payment options for the course.

Joyce Frassrand-Curl, School Director

The original school is owned and operated by Atlanta Peach Reporters, LLC, in Atlanta, Georgia. Joyce Frassrand-Curl is the School Director. She is a certified reporter in Georgia and has been since 1989, and holds the Certified Verbatim Reporter designations from the NVRA.